Birth Announcement

Unique Birth Announcements

The birth of a baby is always a joy for the parents, one that they would like to share with their friends and family. This is easily accomplished by just the right birth announcements. These are like greeting cards that showcase important information about the birth of your little one. This includes your baby's name, date of birth and can also include the time of birth and weight as well. Friends and family alike will get a lot of enjoyment from seeing the birth announcements and will be bale to brag to their friends about the new little addition to the family!

Birth announcements have taken a number of forms over the years; one is the traditional announcement card that you can mail to your relatives and friends. Then there are the electronic birth announcements that can be e-mailed to your friends and family. Another method fast gaining popularity is the use of recycled paper for birth announcements instead of the usual card material or paper being used. With today's concentration on being friendly to the environment, these types of birth announcements not only show you care about your new baby but that you want to make the world and environment a better place for your little one.

Not only pretty to look at and in varied colors, recycled birth announcements ensure you do your part for the fast depleting forests. Demand for paper used for documents and greeting cards see hundreds of thousands of trees felled each year, even if gradually but the use of recycled paper for cards and other non-official documents to begin with will only help our environment. And you help create awareness about environmental issues with the sending of birth announcements made of recycled paper so you can share both your pleasures with your relatives and friends.

Companies that manufacture these birth announcements use a combination of several materials especially office paper, junk mail, grass and used grocery bags. And to keep the spirit of eco-friendly, these also use solar power and recycled water from dehumidifiers and air conditioning units during the production of paper. Mostly no colors are used on these birth announcements since the desired colors come from the original documents and newspapers; dyes are not used to color them either. No chlorine is used in bleaching the paper either and this choice of birth announcements makes it a unique and environmentally friendly choice. The double of joy of sharing your great news and creating awareness about the ecology is an excellent way of welcoming a new life into your lives!

If you know the gender of your baby, you can choose gender specific birth announcements; so pink hues for girls and blue shades for boys always work. In case the gender of the baby is not known, several non-specific colors and designs can be chosen from. These can be accommodating to add the uniqueness of the parents and a note from the grandparents. After all, who would not like to be a part of the birth of a little bundle of joy into the family?

Birth announcements must be sent to family and close friends, people who are a part of the parent's lives and will be a welcome part of the baby's life as well. Colleagues and relatives residing in other cities can also be included in your recipient's lists. The time of sending birth announcements is a debatable issue though! These should be sent out immediately after the birth but every body is aware of all the work new parents need to put in. Sending out the cards can be put off for days on end but as long as they are sent out within a few weeks of your baby's birth, it should be alright! Most people understand the pressures of being a new parent and how tiring it can be.

Sending birth announcements is a great way to show appreciation and love to all those who have helped the couple get together as a family. Get creative and show how your relationship has matured since marriage! Friends and family feel the importance in your life and their importance in your baby's life with the receipt of birth announcements.