Birth Announcement

Tips on Choosing Birth Announcements

For a lot of people, until they have had kids, they do not think much about birth announcements. They may even consider them silly and frivolous, a waste of money. After all, you have a new baby in the family; why waste money on some birth announcements when you can just call everyone and give them the good news? Isn't a call the quickest and most economical way of doing birth announcements?

Yeah, that may be how you feel; until you actually have a baby. Trust me, when you hold that little bundle in your arms for the first time, you are going to want to shout the birth announcements from the top of a building! You'll want to start a web page for your child, and plaster their newborn baby pictures all over the internet.

Of course, you do not have to go to such extremes. I mean, after all, nice affordable birth announcements are perfectly all right. Step one, there is the old tradition of giving out cigars as birth announcements. Now, these days, many people no longer smoke, and you may not want to encourage that. That's where the chocolate or candy cigars can come into play. They are quite affordable, and you can get them wrapped in blue or pink wrappers. As quick and easy birth announcements, they are great.

The next type of birth announcements are the basic cards you can pick up at any stationary store or discount shop. Often, a big box of birth announcements can be quite cheap, and then you just mail them out. Of course, these days, what with the advent of the internet, you can even do birth announcements online. There are some web sites that charge a very small fee to create customized birth announcements. You can even include a picture of the little one, some animation, and music. Most are quite economical. These types of birth announcements have the virtue of not needing to be dropped in the old fashion mailbox; so you save a lot of money on postage. Keep that in mind when you are looking at the fees the web sites charge. If you do the math, you may find that the online birth announcements are quite affordable and cheap.

And then there are the self-publishing computer programs. If you have something like Print Shop Deluxe or any of the generic knock-offs, you can create your own birth announcements. So, if you and your family are devote Trekkies, you can let everyone know that a new Klingon has beamed aboard your ship. If you all love to sail, maybe have birth announcements that tell your friends and family that a new crewmember has been piped aboard.

As an example of themed birth announcements, my wife and I were quite active in our local community theater. So, our daughter's birth announcements told everyone that our troupe of players had added a new cast member. We left the space for the date, time, height and weight blank, and then got a whole pile of them printed out. As it happened, my wife was set to direct a play a few months later, and the story required a baby. So, on the birth announcements, we started that our new cast member would be making her premiere appearance in an upcoming production of "Bear Witness". As a little side note, she made forty entrances and exits over the course of the show, and never cried once!

So, no matter what sort of birth announcements you are looking to do, it's easy to see that you can find the perfect ones to fit your family and its personality.