Birth Announcement

Designing Birth Announcements

If you have had a new addition to your family, you probably want to let everyone know with tasteful birth announcements. Much like birthday party invitations, you will want to be as creative as possible to catch everyone's attention. There are stock birth announcements available, but why not try something somewhat more creative for so special an occasion?

Perhaps the first consideration in designing birth announcements is whether the announcements are for a new born boy or girl. The gender of the baby will most likely end up deciding the kind of theme that should be used. From there, you can be just about as creative as you want with the announcements. Custom cards show that you are excited about this event, and will get others excited as well.

Although creativity is the game of the day, there are also some basics that must be included. The name of the child is of course something that you will probably want to include here. Other items to include are the time and place of any gathering you intend on having for the baby. The card should also tastefully indicate whether or not gifts are to be expected at this gathering.

The more creative and attractive the design of your card, the more likely it is that people will respond to it. If you are trying to get people to come to the baby's gathering, make sure to also include a bit about RSVPing so that you know how many people actually intend on coming to the event.

If you are trying to save a little money on birth announcements, you might consider printing in black and white, or simply purchasing some stock announcements. When ordering, try to order a little more than you think are needed. Some of the announcements can always end up getting damaged or turning out wrong, not to mention the possibility of remembering other guests at the last minute. For these reasons, it can really pay off to have some extras on hand. Ordering more for a separate run will cost much more than adding a few onto an existing order.

You may want to consider ordering birth announcements before the baby is actually born. This will be one less thing to worry about after the baby is born, and you can just send off the birth announcements with a minimum of trouble.

After you have sent off the announcements, expect to receive well wishes and some gifts. It is courteous and expected that you should send out thank you notes as well for gifts. When replying with a thank you note, avoid mentioning anything about making a return or receiving other similar gifts. It is usually expected that birth announcements will be made and sent before the baby is, at the latest, six months old.

Remember to be as creative as possible when it comes to birth announcements, but also to keep the must have facts in mind. The name of the baby as well as notes about where to go for a gathering are must have information. Other information, such as the weight of the baby, is an entirely optional thing to include. The main issue is to print off enough birth announcements to begin with. Having to go back to the printer for more is time consuming and expensive, and should be avoided if at all possible. Making birth announcements should be at least a little fun, and not take up entirely too much time.